Welcome to Mahseer AQUA

We are a supplier for pet fish products and fish livestock. We have been in the pet fish business for more than 10 years. We carry a wide range of tropical fishes and should you desire to own rare or unique fishes, we can source for them thru our wide network of contacts.

One of our speciality is the Mahseer, is a fish from the genus Tor. The general name of 'mahseer' (Indian for 'big head') is popularly used. In the northern parts of India, mahseer is also called 'kurriah' or 'kukhiah' ,whilst our kejor (tengas) is called 'kajra', namely Copper Mahseer (katli, tengas), Mahseer Barb (tengas, kejor, kelah hijau), Soro Mahseer, River Carp, Thailand Mahseer, Himalayan Mahseer, Deccan Mahseer, Humpback Mahseer.

Another speciality is majestic Asian Arowana, namely the Red Tail Golden, Chilli Red, Super Red, Blood Red and Malaysian Golden. As well as having our own farm, we also have close relationships with other Arowana farms, therefore we are able to supply large quantities of Mahseer fishes and Arowana fishes at attractive prices.

Products and Services:
Some of the pet fish accessories that we carry are, fish tanks, aquarium decorations, fish food (flakes, pellets, frozen and live food), filter & filter media, lighting, live plants, water conditioner, fish medication and other aquarium accessories.

For inquiries, please contact Mahseer AQUA at +6012 - 3727 969 (NO SMS), or email us at mahseeraqua@gmail.com